Why Settle for One When You Can Have More?

Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming about achieving your goals? 

It may be seeing yourself walk down the aisle, in the wedding of your dreams or it could be seeing your children sent off to a university abroad without you being in debt. It could even be seeing yourself take a vacation in a few months’ time to wherever you please. Your dreams and goals could be one of these or even more, and there is certainly no problem with that.

It does not matter what your dreams, goals and aspirations are, there is an FBN Mutual Fund to suit your needs. By investing in our mutual funds, you can plan towards not just one of your dreams but all of them.

The FBN Dollar Fund, for example, helps you invest in dollars. This offer is quite beneficial if you have dollar expenses such as studying abroad or taking a vacation.  It also helps you to hedge against inflation and currency devaluation.

The FBN Halal Fund is the perfect offer for investors who are looking for ethical investments that match their moral and religious beliefs. The fund invests only in Shari’ah-compliant instruments— this makes it perfect for Muslims and ethical investors. It can also help you reach your short to mid-term goals.

The FBN Bond Fund is an investment solution that allows you to invest in different asset classes such as treasury bills, bonds, stocks, and fixed deposits—all in one place. This is important if you are looking to grow your wealth steadily but you do not have time to create an investment portfolio.

With the FBN Smart Beta Equity Fund, you can access long-term capital appreciation. This mutual fund is suitable for investing towards mid-to-long-term goals such as your child’s tertiary education—if they are still young or even retirement, if you are quite a long way away from it.

The FBN Balanced Fund invests in equities, bonds, money market instruments, and other securities in the capital market. This means that you can also invest towards your mid to long-term goals with this fund.

Finally, you can also invest in the FBN Money Market Fund. This offer is suitable for any investor type. It spreads your capital across different assets to grow over time. You can use this to keep your emergency fund or to invest towards short-term goals such as rent, buying a car or an expense that is more at hand.

If you are looking to meet several goals, you should definitely be considering several means to do so. Start planning toward achieving all of your financial goals gradually.

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