How to ease the pressure of funding your big day

Weddings are usually one of the highlights of everyone life whether it’s yours or your child’s. As true as this is, its implication leaves people with debt that runs into years. Having an elaborate wedding is not a bad thing, but how prepared are you to ensure that you’ll have something more than pictures when you start to build your life together is. Not discussing certain issues on how the wedding will be funded can cause a lot of friction and some of these issues, if discussed properly, can help ease the pressure.

Who pays for what?

One major topic that comes to mind is who takes ownership of what and not clearly stating this from the beginning can cause friction during the planning stage and sometimes stretches into the marriage itself. Therefore, it is quite important that issues such as the size of the wedding, the budget and who pays for what are sorted out early on into the planning.

Increase your wedding savings

A wedding is often a major life goal and it is extremely sensible to make investments well ahead in time. The investment options for people who are planning or saving for their wedding are endless. Whether it is investing in high return mutual funds or the FBN Nigeria Eurobond (USD) Fund (if you looking at a destination wedding), there is an array of options to choose from and the best way is to start investing early enough.

How can we help?

If you want to save for your wedding and life together as a married couple, you can prepare a plan and save towards your goal. You can leverage on any of our short-term investment options to help you prepare ahead for the big day. We advise that you are realistic when planning your time and money. In summary, you can plan your wedding conveniently by following these steps?

Stick to your budget

Don’t get distracted

Remember it’s not a competition

Invest towards your goal

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