Gain access to global assets.

FBN Specialized Dollar Fund

The FBN Specialized Dollar Fund (FSDF) serves as an investment vehicle that connects Investors to Eurobonds, US Treasuries, and other credible dollars denominated money market assets.

Inflation & Currency Edge

The Fund aims to provide Investors with returns that could protect against the possible decline in purchasing power or local currency devaluation.

Competitive Returns

Investing in the FBN Specialized Dollar Fund will provide Investors with stable and competitive returns due to its exposure to a diversified basket of instruments.

Minimum Securities

With a minimum investment of $10,000, you can start investing in the FBN Specialized Dollar Fund to get access to global assets and long-term income.

Why FBN Specialized Dollar Fund?

The Fund’s objective is to provide competitive returns to all classes of investors and an opportunity for local investors to reduce some of their country-specific risk whilst hedging against the potential devaluation of their local currency. The Fund’s portfolio allocation will be skewed to largely debt instruments issued by African countries.
Fund Facts

Currency: USD ($)

Fixed Income Criteria: Interest Bearing

Minimum Investment : $10,000

Subsequent Investment: $1,000 Minimum

Holding Period: 180 days

Income Distribution: Annually

Risk Profile: Medium

Investment Horizon: Medium-term (3-5 years)

Fund Strategy

The Fund strategy is to maintain an allocation of 20% to non-Nigerian dollar-denominated assets. This will diversify the portfolio and potentially provide more attractive yields for the portfolio. The inclusion of Gold in the portfolio will normalize, to some extent, the volatility associated with assets in the portfolio and provides a buffer during risk-off sentiment in the market.

Assets allocation ranges

The fund’s assets can be broadly broken down as follows:

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