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FBN Halal Fund

The FBN Halal Fund is an open-ended mutual fund designed to meet the investment needs of investors seeking long-term income generation through Shari’ah compliant investments.


The FBN Halal Fund offers investors an opportunity to invest in a diversified suite of products that are in accordance with their values, moral standards, and religious beliefs.


Minimise the risk of loss to investors through diversification by providing alternative asset classes that are based on asset /service backed investments.

Competitive Returns

The FBN Halal Fund aims to provide clients with attractive returns comparable to conventional finance without dealing in non – Shari’ah compliant investments.

Why you should invest in the FBN Halal Fund?

The Fund’s objective is to provide investors with long-term income generation strategies by investing primarily in screened Shari’ah compliant investment opportunities and contracts. The Fund will not invest in interest-bearing securities such as conventional fixed deposits, treasury bills, or commercial papers.

Fund Facts

Investment Vehicle: Open-ended Fund
Fixed Income Criteria: Non-Interest Bearing
Minimum Investment: N5,000.00
Minimum holding period: 90 days*
Income Accrual: Daily
Income Distribution: Semi-annually (April and October)
Fund Classification: Islamic Fixed Income Fund
Investment Horizon: Medium-term (3-5 years)
Risk Profile: Low to Medium

Fund Strategy

The Fund will invest broadly in a diversified portfolio of asset-backed investments such as Sovereign Sukuk, Corporate Sukuk, Ijarah (Lease), Murabaha (Cost plus mark-up), Musharaka (Partnership) and Mudarabah (Working Partner) contracts.

Please read the Prospectus and where in doubt, consult your stockbroker, fund/portfolio manager, accountant, banker, solicitor or any other professional adviser for guidance before subscribing. Information about the Fund is also available in two languages – English and Hausa.

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