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FBN Education Endowment Plan

The FBN Education Endowment Plan enables you plan for your children’s education in a disciplined manner. This goal-based plan allows you prepare for their education in a pre-defined time period (five years).


The plan is managed by a group of financial experts. The Fund Manager continuously monitors the portfolio’s performance, the Insurer provides further financial security and the Trust Company sees to the longevity of your plan.


The plan promotes discipline, allowing investors save a defined amount over a 5 year period.


In the event you are incapable of covering your child's educational needs due to unforeseen circumstances, this plan, which sits outside your estate will ensure their education continues seamlessly.

Why the FBN Education Endowment Plan?

With a combination of asset management experts, risk protection and trusteeship, the FBN Education Endowment Plan pools your funds in a secure manner to guarantee your child’s education is funded with ease.

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Plan Facts

Plan Objective: Saving for education

Investment horizon: Five years

Minimum Holding Period: 6 Months

Risk Profile: Low to Medium

Investment instruments: Fixed income instruments (Money Market and Bonds)

Base Currency: Naira

Plan Strategy

The FBN Education Endowment Plan helps you invest for your child's education whilst keeping up with other expenses now and in the future. With the flexible contribution options, you can pay school fees without being burdened.

Contribution Option A

Sum Contribution: ₦100,000.00

Minimum Monthly Premium: ₦15,000.00

Sum Assured: ₦2,000,000.00

Contribution Option B

Sum Contribution: ₦750,000.00

Minimum Monthly Premium: ₦40,000.00

Sum Assured: ₦7,000,000.00

Contribution Option C

Sum Contribution: ₦2,000,000.00

Minimum Monthly Premium: ₦80,000.00

Sum Assured: ₦12,000,000.00

Contribution Option D

Sum Contribution:₦5,000,000.00

Minimum Monthly Premium: ₦100,000.00

Sum Assured: ₦18,000,000.00

*Minimum monthly premium: An amount paid periodically to the insurer by the insured for risk coverage.
*Minimum holding period:A window of time investors must remain in the Plan before they are entitled to the Sum Assured in the event a risk occurs.
*Sum Assured:A pre-decided amount that the insurance company pays to the policyholder’s beneficiaries when the insured event (death of the policyholder) takes place

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