Benefits of goal-based investing

What are you investing for?

This is where goal-based investing comes in – it needs to tie to a reason and a goal.

Goal-based investing is the act of growing your money in order to meet a specific need within a stipulated timeline.

At FBNQuest Asset Management, we do not just believe in putting in money for a short period of time and ‘hoping’ to see interests without any specific need. We believe you should invest your money towards a particular goal to meet any of your short/long term needs – be it education, marriage or owning a home. Here are the reasons why:

Quite the puzzle, isn’t it?

The answer is N89, 950.

Of course in reality, it’s not possible to clone yourself. So, why not do what’s possible by making your money work for you to secure your financial future.

Puts you in better control of your money

Goal-based investing puts you in the driver’s seat to determine how you save, where to invest and how to spend your returns. The structure in goal-based investing puts you in a better place to make cogent decisions towards managing your money.

Prevent you from under saving

No one likes to see their account balance in red. Goal-based investing will improve your savings and give you a bit more disposable income.

Achieve more with less effort

From completing your education, to getting a car or even going on that vacation, you can achieve so much more by having goal-based investments. This is possible by investing money to meet each of your needs.

Want to start investing towards any of your goals? Contact us at FBNQuest Asset Management to get started.

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At FBNQuest, we believe success is progressive. By cultivating a strong investment lifestyle, you are going beyond today for a brighter future.

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